Coming soon: Goal drill-down Think sheet

Goal Drill Down Think Sheet is available for purchase in my Etsy shop
Read more about it in this post

I am very pleased to reveal I’m working on a new empowerment printable, a goal setting work sheet – a think sheet, really. It should be available by mid-February.

I’m trying to create a thinking process in it, with an organic, friendly feel to it, guiding you through the process of analyzing your goal, to hopefully maximize its chances of being accomplished. It will go through the goal definition itself, the motivation to push through, and then defining key steps for accomplishment. The final page will be a summary of all those stages, to serve as a reminder and to inspire you to push through.

This Goal setting printable has been in the making for several years now (!). I would brainstorm on it for a while, make sketches, try different layouts, different designs, and never finding a solution which seemed right, archive it back in the drawer. None of my tests felt like IT.

Well, this time it IS it.
I will write all about it once it’s up and ready for purchase, with photos, examples of how I use it myself, and further ideas and information.

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