Goose fly illustration

It’s a little sad, but makes for great closure, that my last post was in the beginning of November, as these dates mark the time period I was employed in a shop. TIME, free time, in this whole period was a craving and a constant struggle.

I loved working in the shop! Selling art supplies, being surrounded all day by lovely products, learning about them and different media, meeting wonderful, creative people (well, mostly), talking to them about art.

But what I care most about, my burning passion, my own creations, were neglected for the most part, and in nine months of trying, I couldn’t manage to find a solution, to do all I want and need to do.

So I threw sensibility aside, and gave my notice.
And here I am today, in a very familiar setting, but feeling that this is the beginning of a whole new journey. What’s ahead? I don’t want to make promises, come up with fantastic declarations. What I do with this new-found freedom remains to be seen then :-)

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