Goal Drill Down: Printable worksheet

Do you have a goal you wish to accomplish, but not sure how to go about it
If your goal is too vague, or seems too complex, and you don’t know how to reach it – this printable form is meant to guide and assist you in building an action plan, a process towards achieving your goal

A goal setting work sheet to help analyze your goal and build a plan for reaching it
A4 / Letter size

Black & white, suitable for both Laser and Inkjet printers

A high quality PDF file consisting of 6 pages:
5 work sheets (think sheets, really)
+ 1 inspiration page

Digital File

Digital file (printable)

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We all have goals in our lives, dreams we wish to realize. And the bigger they are, the harder it is (for me at least) to push through toward accomplishing them. While struggling through difficulties in mid-process, it can be hard to remember why you wanted this so bad, and letting go of your dream, or telling yourself maybe now is not the right time, can be tempting.

This printable form is meant to guide and assist you in building an action plan, a process towards achieving your goal

The think sheets guide you through:

  • Defining your goal
  • Motivating yourself to push through
  • Figuring out what assets you have and what possible hurdles await you
  • Defining key steps leading to accomplishing your goal
  • Using anchors such as setting deadlines, accountability etc.

The last page is an inspiration page, in which you write down the conclusions of the analysis done in the think sheets. Designed with only basic shapes in thin outlines, so you can make it your own: fill in, decorate and hang, to serve as a reminder and to inspire you to keep on, toward accomplishing the goal. (You can see in the last photo I printed it on watercolor paper for painting mine).

What you need

– Home printer & paper – A4 or Letter size
– Pen / pencil / colors
– A goal
– Quiet time to think

I put a lot of thought into planning and creating this set

  • Suitable for both A4 and Letter size paper
  • Designed in black & white, for easy printing on any printer – laser or inkjet
  • In order to encourage free flowing, creative thinking, brainstorming and doodling, I deliberately made it “sketchy”, not too “clean” and orderly looking, while still maintaining aesthetic quality – really trying to make diving into this process inviting and encouraging.
  • I have striven to create a thinking process that is both simplified and thorough, guiding you through the analysis step by step

I’m not a doctor!

I am a humble designer & copywriter, far from being an authority in this subject. I created this goal analysis process using knowledge from various sources: my professional experience in tackling clients’ projects, things I have learned over the years in psychology, positive psychology, personal growth and my own life experience.

I have learned that in order to tackle any project, you need to dissipate the vagueness, see clearly what you are facing. To make any large task manageable, you break it down into smaller chunks, to understand what it consists of and what it entails.
I believe motivation plays a big part in pushing through the rough times – unfortunately, in life, the hard work is not a 5-minute montage with some background music, it takes time and effort – remembering why you’re doing it can help keep you driven.

I designed this goal drill down process to employ visual thinking methods I use myself and find useful, encouraging non-linear, creative thinking.

Learn more about it in this blog post

Good Faith Copyrights

This printable file is intended for your personal use only. Please respect my rights and do not distribute, resell or use it commercially.

Also, while you can print as many copies as you wish, I kindly ask that you purchase another one for each 20 copies you make. I am intentionally keeping the prices low, so it will be accessible to everyone, but I still need to make a living.. Thank you!


I would be extremely grateful to hear how this think sheet worked for you, and what would make it more useful to you, so I can further improve it.

May all your dreams come true :-)

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