Jar of life: Printable worksheet

What are the rocks in your life? Fill and decorate this worksheet to inspire and remind yourself of what’s really important to you

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What are the rocks in your life?

What are the important things you may forget to give priority to?

There is a famous Allegory, about a teacher who demonstrates to his students, that only if you put the bigger rocks first in the jar of life, can you later add to it the pebbles and then the sand.
If you allow your jar of life to be filled with the sand and pebbles first, you will not have room for the rocks – the important things in your life.

Use this printable design to write for yourself the important things you should make room for first in your life. The ones that really matter to you.
Decorate and hang so that when you look at it you will be reminded and inspired!

I offer a few options for this design:

– A printable PDF file to print at home
Or: Printed by me on art paper

– Outlines: Thick black outlines
Or: Really thin outlines

– Size: A4 21×29.7 cm = 8.3×11.7 inches
Or: A3 29.7 x42 cm = 11.7×16.5 inches

This is a printable PDF file for instant download, so it can be yours within minutes.
It also means you can print as many as you wish, for your own use, forever.

* The PDF is high quality, for printing on a home printer.
* You can print in B&W or color.
* Designed to print on both A4 and Letter sized paper. I used plain printer paper, 80g.

I encourage you to be creative, fill it with colors and shapes and patterns, I designed it especially for this purpose :-)

I am now offering a printed version, on lovely, thick watercolor paper.
I print using pigment inks, so the design is waterproof, and I’m choosing art papers that I enjoy using my self.
Why not have a look? https://www.etsy.com/listing/634541604

Or check it out in this video: https://youtu.be/7PYw6MXmFec

And here’s a post I wrote about it in my blog: http://tullacreative.com/jar-of-life/

Good Faith Copyrights:

This printable file is intended for your personal use only. Please respect my rights and do not distribute, resell or use it commercially.

Also, while you can print as many copies as you wish, I kindly ask that you purchase another one for each 20 copies you make. I am intentionally keeping the prices low, so it will be accessible to everyone, but I still need to make a living.. Thank you!

Please note colors may vary somewhat due to different color calibrations in monitors and printers.

I truly hope you will find it enjoyable, useful, and inspiring! :-)

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