Neck tube in rust colors & positive lettering pattern

Stylish, versatile neck warmer with abstract pattern full of positive vibes

Soft, elastic, heat-absorbent neck warmer with an all-over print of hand-lettered positive words.

46 x 22 cm | 18.1 x 8.7"
  • Fast drying + wind-resistant
  • Soft Fashion Jersey fabric
  • One size fits all
  • Cut edge (no hem)
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neck tube positive jumble front



Stylish neck warmer to keep you cozy in the winter.

It is made of a soft, elastic fabric and features an abstracted design in warm, red and orange shades of brown, with hints of bright turquoise and powder blue filtering in.

What at first glance may look like a kind of animal pattern print, is actually hand-lettering of positive words (Love, kindness, laugh, growth, inspiration, etc.) that I hand-lettered and turned into a pattern repeating all over the scarf.
So you are literally embraced by warmth and positivity with this neck tube :-)

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