Neck tube: Wild botanical in crimson and pink

Stylish, versatile neck warmer with a botanical design in shades of pink and crimson on a dark background

Soft, elastic, heat-absorbent neck warmer with a drawing of an imaginary plant.

46 x 22 cm | 18.1 x 8.7"
  • Fast drying + wind-resistant
  • Soft Fashion Jersey fabric
  • One size fits all
  • Cut edge (no hem)
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Ink plant purple neck tube front



Stylish neck warmer featuring my original illustration of an imaginary botanical, in shades of pink, with white stems and veins. The background is dark crimson patterned with the line-art of the same plants. This scarf would keep you warm while adding a pop of color.
Personally, there is something about the shading of the leaves, with the white veins, that I am drawn to, I find it almost hypnotizing.

The neck tube is made of a soft, elastic fabric and can be worn in many ways.
You can see the full design in the photo gallery above, it wraps around both sides of the tubular scarf.

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