Customizable notebook: Blossoming almond branch

Spiral notebook in soft pastel colors, with almond blossom branch & your customizable text

Square spiral notebook featuring a blossoming branch in soft pastel shades.

Customize this notebook with your text on the cover!

21.6 x 21.6 cm | 8.5 x 8.5"
  • Choose between 8 different design styles for the inner pages – lined/graph/blank etc.
  • Laminated cover
  • 60 Sheets
  • 60 lb. durable text smooth paper

Physical Item

Physical, shipped item

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almond blossom wc notebook front
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Delicate drawing of Almond blossom on a light, textured background. I drew the original with brown walnut ink and watercolors, with some colored pencil accents. I intentionally used this ink so it will blur a bit when I add the watercolors, to give it a softer look. I hope this design really inspires you to write, sketch and express yourself :-)

Customize it!

This square notebook is customizable in several ways:

  • You can change the text on the front cover to anything you wish
  • In the back I wrote “Imagine. Dream. Believe. Create. Enjoy” – A brief run-down of the creative process – But you can change that as well
  • I like the white spiral binding, but you can choose between 6 color options
  • You can decide what design you want on the inside pages. There are 8 options of different horizontal rule, graph, recipe, or blank!
  • Our tastes may be different – Inside the Zazzle design tool, you can change the background color, rotate or scale the design, add other elements and do whatever else you want

* Please note the texture is intentional and part of the design


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