Round floral bouquet mouse pad

Mouse pad with a round floral design. Delicate drawing in white and gray shades on a speckled beige background

Thick mouse pad to cushion your hand, with a very soothing floral design in light, neutral colors.

23.5 x 19.7 cm | 9.25 x 7.75"
  • Durable and dust and stain resistant cloth cover
  • Non-slip backing

Drawn & designed by me. Made by Zazzle makers.

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Physical, shipped item

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rhododendron mouse pad 01
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I love these thick mouse pads. They give my hand some cushioning for the long hours of work in front of the computer.

This design is in very light shades, calming for the eyes and mind.
It features flowers and leaves that seem to burst out of their encompassing circles. I drew the original based on Rhododendron flowers, with light pencil shading. the background is beige with small speckles that I feel add texture and give it a more organic look.

If you have color accents in your work desk environment, this will work well with any other color, really, tone down and add a calming element.

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