What do you see from the tower? Printable work sheet

When you look from the top of the tower at the landscape of your future, what do you see? What would you like to see awaiting you in your distant future? What road can you pave in the near future so it will lead you towards your distant goal?

High quality printable - Growth, goal-setting work sheet.
  • Suitable for both A4 and Letter sized paper
  • Designed in black & white, for easy printing on any printer – laser or inkjet
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Think about your distant future – in 3, 5, 10 years’ time – is there something you want to accomplish by then? Where in your life would you like to be? As we go through our day-to-day routine, it is easy to loose focus and forget the bigger picture – those more distant objectives and aspirations.

I like to think of it as climbing up a high tower, overlooking a vast panorama – from the tower you can see much more of the landscape of your future.

As you imagine looking from the tower – what do you see in the horizon?
Envision a path, a road, leading from the foot of the tower towards that point in the horizon, meandering up hills and across valleys. Can you define landmarks along the way? Milestones you need to pass on your journey?

You can you use this printable design for inspiration – color it and hang to serve as a reminder that you are on your way, and that you should step back once in a while to see the bigger picture.
Or you can use it as a work/think sheet – write in it, doodle, decorate – fill it with your aspirations, goals and landmarks. I intentionally created many “blank” fields and hills in the illustration for this purpose.

What you get

  • 1 high quality PDF file

What you need

  • Home printer & paper – A4 or Letter size
  • Pen / pencil / colors
  • Quiet time to think

I printed my copy on plain printer paper (the one you see in the photos), though you can print yours on other types of paper. Please check your printer’s specifications first. Make sure your paper has straight edges (not deckled), and that it’s not too thick for your printer. Different printers use different ink types: Test your media (markers, watercolors, ink etc.) in a corner to make sure the printer ink doesn’t smear.

I put a lot of thought into planning and creating this design

I wanted the design to serve 2 purposes: On the one hand, create an immersive scenery you can imagine yourself walking in, pulling your eyes to that distant horizon, but on the other hand serve as a fill-in worksheet. My hope is that it encourages free flowing, creative thinking, brainstorming and doodling.

Good Faith Copyrights

This printable file is intended for your personal use only. Please respect my rights and do not distribute, resell or use it commercially.

Also, while you can print as many copies as you wish, I kindly ask that you purchase another one for each 20 copies you make. I am intentionally keeping the prices low, so it will be accessible to everyone, but I still need to make a living.. Thank you!


Whatever your path may be, I hope the journey will prove enjoyable and fruitful :-)

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