Wild plant: 6×6″ Square art print

High quality print of an imaginary plant, the design is minimalistic – dark line art on a beige/off-white background, in a rustic, weathered look

  • Giclée print
  • Hand-drawn art
  • Eco friendly Bamboo paper
  • Free shipping

6 x 6" | 15.24 x 15.24 cm

A high quality giclee print of a an imaginary botanical with a weathered, rusty feel to it

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wild plant 02 aged 06




A high quality giclee print of a an imaginary botanical with a weathered, rusty feel to it.
The artwork features dark gray line-art on a light off-white background. The original was hand drawn by me, as part of a series.


Paper size: 6 x 6 inch| 15.24 x 15.24 cm
Print size: 5.75 x 5.75 inch | 14.6 x 14.6 cm
Pigment ink on 170gsm Bamboo paper (70% bamboo, 30% wood pulp)

Printed on lovely, acid-free, environmentally friendly bamboo paper, by Awagami paper, Japan.
Bamboo is an eco-friendly resource, due to several factors. It is very fast growing, can grow in soil that is not rich in nutrients, doesn’t deplete the soil, doesn’t need pesticide treatment, and doesn’t require as much water as other paper resources. Given the hand-made nature of the paper, spots or imperfections may occur.

I also offer this art piece in an “inverted” version – white line-art on a dark, blue-gray background (You can see it in the photos):

Your art print is 100% made by me:
I created the artwork, scanned, cleaned and edited it digitally. I print it in my studio, on a professional pigment ink printer, cut it to size and carefully pack it.
Naturally I do my best to pack it so that it reaches you safely, protected from any hazard on its journey to you.

Good Faith Copyrights

The print you are buying is yours to enjoy. However I, the artist, hold its copyrights and may sell more prints. Please respect my rights and do not copy and resell it.

Please note colors may vary somewhat due to color calibrations in different devices.

I truly hope this artwork will always inspire you!

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