Women at windows mandala: Art print

Exquisite, archival, giclee print of my unique mandala painting of women standing at windows, looking out

Archival quality giclee print of my original mandala painting, on lovely, thick, delicately textured paper.

Paper size: 50 x 50 cm | 19.7 x 19.7″
Mandala diameter: 45 cm | 17.7″

Printed on 100% cotton paper using pigment ink

Physical Item

Physical, shipped item

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Women featured 02



I love this piece, and am extremely proud of it. I feel it is full of contradictions which still make sense and work together to create harmony. Seen from a distance, it looks like a mandala pattern, as you get closer, it feels like you are standing in the room with them. I feel it is both brightly colored and serene. Due to the repetitive nature of mandala painting, the room itself feels impossible, and yet makes sense.

I’ve grown very attached to these women :-)
To me they also hold contradictory characteristics. But of course everyone views art differently, I leave it to your interpretation.

The print is exquisite, you can see every brush stroke, and the slightly textured paper complements it beautifully.

This is an archival, fine art quality print, which should last for decades if framed properly under glass and protected from direct sunlight.

As you can see in the photos, I cut one of my prints around the shape, to frame in a round frame (my personal IKEA Clock hack).
I’ll be happy to trim yours, please know that I will cut it by hand with scissors so it won’t be super-exact. If you would like the cut-around version, please choose it in the variations options.

Good Faith Copyrights

The print you are buying is yours to enjoy. However I, the artist, hold its copyrights and may sell more prints. Please respect my rights and do not copy and resell it.

Please note colors may vary somewhat due to color calibrations in different monitors.

I truly hope you will enjoy this artwork as much as I do.

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