Wood box: I will never leave you (Scribble trees collection)

Endearing wood box wall decor featuring a child tree clinging to its parent, with customizable text

Square wood sign featuring my original illustration of anthropomorphic trees – a child holding on to its parent

15.2 x 15.2 cm | 6 x 6"
  • Made of birch wood
  • White washed in a distressed style
  • Hang on wall or place free standing
  • Customize the text to your liking
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Physical, shipped item

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If you buy this wood sign through the link above, Zazzle will grant me an extra commission, at NO extra cost to you. It would be very helpful for me. Thank you!



An illustration of a child-tree holding on to a parent-tree, with the inscription “I will never leave you”. So many times in life a child needs to feel that support, that boost of confidence that even if he lets go, his parent will still be there for him, that he is not alone.

Create your own set!

This illustration is part of a series of illustrations I created, titled “Scribble Trees”, of anthropomorphic trees in various situations and interactions. I created the originals with watercolors and a tiny brush, as well as composed the messages (which you can easily change!).

If you like this illustration, you may like other illustrations in this collection. You can see the full collection here.

I hope it will always remind you of the important things in life, and bring a smile to your heart.

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