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I sell everything through Etsy, Zazzle and Contrado. Go directly to each platform to see all the items I offer for sale. Here I show you a selection of items, but can give you more info about them. (I keep adding items all the time)

In the spotlight

Almond blossom: Coloring cards box set

A set of 6 mini-art cards in a matching cardboard box, featuring almond flowers and leaves in black outlines


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Bold, loose watercolor floral tote bag

Celebrate your femininity with this unique, expressive, floral tote bag


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Customizable notebook with positive lettering

Notebook with positive words in a sunburst lettering design to inspire and empower you + customization options!


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Goal Drill Down: Printable worksheet

Do you have a goal you wish to accomplish, but not sure how to go about it
If your goal is too vague, or seems too complex, and you don’t know how to reach it – this printable form is meant to guide and assist you in building an action plan, a process towards achieving your goal


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Jar of life: Printable worksheet

What are the rocks in your life? Fill and decorate this worksheet to inspire and remind yourself of what’s really important to you


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Multi-functional zipper bag: Botanical color celebration

Multi-functional bag featuring a colorful yet delicate design. This large, roomy bag can be used for toiletry items, stationary and art materials or anything else!


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