Hello world!


The fresh, sleek design of Kanso WordPress theme by Satori Studio has been chosen to accompany the studio in it’s new way.
The change isn’t just a superficial one. It’s deeper, the emphasis shifting.

Under construction

I’ve decided to work on the new website while it is online and visible to whoever may find his way here.

Have you ever taken a tour inside a house still under construction?
I’ve always found it fascinating. Walking through door-less door frames, seeing pipes and cables sticking out of the floor, my imagination filling the gaps, imagining the painted walls, the nonexistent windows and shutters, wondering who will live here, and what I would put where, if this was my house.

Well, it is my house now, and you are welcome to roam around and imagine what you would do with it.
And since I (usually) believe change is for the best, I hope to pleasantly surprise you – come back periodically and see what’s changed!

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