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These little trees are a joy to create, I find myself playfully coming up with more ideas for trees and their actions and scenarios. I suppose because they are fairly quick to create, I don’t over-think or over-plan. I hope the joy and playfulness are visible when you see them.


  • Lana Lanaquarelle 300gsm cotton paper. I used both Cold pressed and Hot pressed
  • Princeton Heritage #1 round synthetic brush
  • Watercolors:
    I used many colors mixed in different variations Lemon yellow, Indian yellow, Olive green, Cerulean blue, Phthalo blue, Yellow ochre, Burnt umber, Raw umber, Payne’s gray (And some Black gouache that got spilled into the ochre by accident)

The Princeton Heritage is not very soft, and so is really good for small, defined details. I really love this brush. I got the newer Aqua Elite, which I thought would be similar as it is also synthetic, round #1, but it doesn’t give me the same results. Next time I would go for the older Heritage line.

Princeton Heritage #1 round synthetic brush
Princeton Heritage #1 round synthetic brush. I LOVE this brush for details

Process video

Here is a full process video of drawing “I’m not leaving you”

Some photos

Having my designs on items is magical

I am still amazed and completely delighted by the idea that my designs are not confined to paper, that they can come alive decorating a variety of tangible items, transforming them in some way, or giving them a different feel.

I am now in the process of creating items with these trees on them. You can check them out in the Scribble Trees shop section

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