Bite-size tip: Reverse food shows

White Chocolate Bark With Rose Strawberry Pistachio Now Forager Teresa Floyd
Photo from: Now, Forager – Teresa Floyd

For some magical, open-mouthed staring at the TV, try this:
Record any cooking show on TV, fast-forward to the end of it, and then unwind, rewind, and watch it in reverse!
Seeing a knife passing through a sliced vegetable, mending it back. Melted chocolate pulling itself back into a square. Flour sweeping up from the bowl into the bag. Eggs being pulled back up, the egg shell healing its crack. Pasta dough snaking up into the cook’s hands like a transfixed snake.

This works best if you watch in “real-time” reverse – the speed of the rewind slow. Amazingly, human gestures and movements seem the same, enhancing the effect.
Trust me, it’s much much better than you even imagine it to be. Enjoy!

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