Close up Calligraphy writing: Tolstoy quote

“There was no answer except the usual answer life gives to the most complicated and insoluble questions. This answer is: Carry on with your everyday affairs, that is to say, put it out of your mind”.

– Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

Isn’t it beautiful? And so true! It is one of my very favorite quotes.

I wrote this on my 40th day of writing copperplate calligraphy.

Materials used

  • Leonardt Principal nib
  • Tachikawa straight Holder T-25
  • Noodler’s Walnut ink + Mir Gum arabic + Water
  • Tomoe River paper (Cream colored, with guidesheet underneath)

I actually do not like the Tomoe River paper at all, and wouldn’t recommend it. This is one of the only times I’ve used it.
I give it another go once in a while, but I still cannot see its charm…!

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