You are… Customizable, printable greeting card

Many times, if something is really user-friendly and intuitive to use, it’s very likely that the reason it’s so easy to figure out is that someone put in much thought and effort into it so we, the users, wouldn’t have to. When done well, that effort is invisible to us.

This is what happened to me with this You are… card. For some reason, creating this card was very difficult for me.  Finally, after 6 months, it is ready and I couldn’t be more pleased with how it came out.

You are… is a double sided, printable greeting card, fully customizable with its editable text fields.

You are... card
You are… card: Inside design
you are 08
A peek inside…

Materials & Instructions

What you get:

  • 2 high quality PDF files: inside & outside card design.

What you need:

  • Scissors
  • Optional: Ruler & scoring tool
    I like scoring the paper before folding, it makes folding easier and crisper.
  • 1 Sheet of paper
    Preferably cardstock, thicker than plain paper, so the other side wouldn’t  show through
  • Adobe Acrobat (free download:
  • Printer


  • Open both files with a PDF viewer.
  • Write your text in the circles.
  • You can change the text of the opening and closing sentences as well, and of course you can leave anything you want empty.
you are 12

In the Outside design, some of the text will be upside down. You have instructions in the note on how to rotate the view, for easier writing.

Don’t forget to rotate it back so it will print correctly!

you are 11
Outside design – The back part will be upside-down, but you can flip it for writing. Don’t forget to flip it back..!
  • Print one side. Flip the paper and print the other side
  • Optional: Score the line where marked Fold
you are 05
I recommend scoring for a more crisp and easier fold
  • Cut around the card shape, in the outside design
  • That’s it! Enjoy your card!

Please note #2:

In Adobe Acrobat Reader you cannot save your filled version, only the blank form.
You can save the file with your text filled with Adobe Acrobat Professional, and possibly other PDF software.

Printing tips:

This card is double sided, so you should print one side, flip it over, and print the other.
Personally, despite years of practice, I get completely confused with the printer feeding directions (and no, I have no driving in reverse problems!).

My trick:
Before printing the first side (it doesn’t matter which),  with the sheet in the rear feeding tray, I mark the top right corner with a small X.
When coming to print the other side, I feed the paper into the same rear tray, with the X still in the top part, only this time in the back side (of the top left corner this time).

you are 10
Write your own text! The cut & folded print was done on watercolor paper, the flat print is on plain cardstock

Quality prints:

Nowadays, home printers can produce really excellent results. It depends a lot on your printer, of course, but you can probably achieve really good results by:

  • Changing the printer’s settings to High quality
  • Printing on high quality paper (make sure it is double-sided in this case!!!)
    Many times your printer will have pre-set definitions for different types of paper. If yours isn’t on the list, I usually opt for High quality matte paper.
    If you are using a high quality paper, I would suggest making a test print on regular paper, even in grayscale, just to make sure you got the directions right without wasting your good paper.

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