Learning Copperplate Calligraphy: Connecting the letters

It was hard for me to find info on how the letters in Copperplate actually connect to each other, so I thought a video demonstration/tutorial would be handy.
This is a practice session – I invite you to pick up your pen and write along with me, as I go over how to join each and every letter.

I write with a dip pen and ink, using a straight holder, as I’m left-handed.

This is a series of 6 videos, in which I go over joining the letters:

  • #01  intro + a,d,t,u,i,c,e
  • #02  p,l,h,k,j,q,f
  • #03  m,n,y,z,x
  • #04  r,s
  • #05  o
  • #06  b,v,w

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